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Respect for customers, understanding customers, continue to provide products and services that exceed customer expectations, so customers always partners. This is the service concept we have been insisting and advocacy.

一、First, every step, the first thought is that customers in the enterprise from a seller's market into a buyer's market, consumer attitudes change.In the face of a large number of goods (or services), consumers are more receptive to the good quality of goods (or services).Here not only refers to the quality of the intrinsic quality of the product, but also a range of factors including the packaging of the product quality, service quality.Therefore must be comprehensive, to meet consumer demand.

◇ ◇ should stand on the position of the customer (or consumer), rather than standing position of the company up to research, design, and improved service.

◇ ◇ perfect service system, strengthen the pre-sales, sales and after-sales service, customer problems in the use of goods in a timely manner to help solve, to make the customer feel great convenience.

◇ ◇ attaches great importance to customer feedback, allow customers to participate in decision-making, handling customer views as important customer satisfaction.

◇ ◇ do everything possible to retain existing customers.

◇ ◇ create a customer-centric mechanism. Including the establishment of various institutions, reform of service delivery, and so on, should the customer demand as the center, to establish a rapid response mechanism for customer feedback.

the customer is always right.

First, the customer is the purchase of goods, not a troublemaker;

Most customers to understand their needs, preferences, and this is precisely the companies need to collect information;

The third argument is the same for all customers, due to the customer "natural consistency, the same customer quarrel.

Third, customer satisfaction of three elements:

Commodity satisfaction:customer satisfaction with the quality of goods.

Satisfied with the service: thecustomer pre-sales of the purchased goods, sale, service, a positive attitude. Regardless of commodity is how well and how reasonable the price, when it is seen in the market, and must rely on the services. "After-sales service to create permanent customers."

Corporate image satisfaction:refers to the positive evaluation of the public enterprise comprehensive strength and overall impression.

5S philosophy

"5S" refers to "smile (SMILE), rapid (SPEED), honest (SINCERITY), dexterity (SMART), research (STUDY)" five words in English acronym "5S" concept is most representative of the culture of service and innovation, not only has the characteristics of the times, full of humanity, also have considerable operability. Smile: a modest smile. Purchasing Guide considerate heart of customer, it may issue a genuine smile. Smile can embody the heart and soul thank tolerance, the smile can be expressed in the cheerful, healthy and considerate. Quickly: it refers to the "prompt action", it has two meanings: one is the speed of the physical work to make faster, do not let customers wait too long; presentation on the speed, action the Purchasing Guide sincerity full with thoughtful The heart will lead to customer satisfaction, so they do not think you wait too long, swift action performance vitality keep the customer waiting is an important measure of service is good or bad. Sincere: Purchasing Guide If you feel the sincerity of dedication to customer service, the customer will be able to feel it. 。 Sincere hypocritical attitude to work, the Purchasing Guide important basic mentality and the basic principles of dealing with others. 。 Smart: means "smart, neat, neat." A neat way to serve a customer, packaged goods, smart, agile, graceful movements to gain the trust of customers with clever and flexible working attitude. Study: To the time to learn and master product knowledge, research customer psychology and reception and coping skills. Weekdays and more efforts to study customer shopping psychology, sales and service skills, to learn more commodity expertise, it will not only increase the level of reception customer, there are bound to be better results.

◇ ◇ we engage in the enterprise of course, first of all is to make money, but not just for the money, more than mercenary.

◇ The ◇ profit is a reward for exceptional service. The pursuit of profit in the process, that is, by Dead Poets Society dedication to make customer satisfaction in return willingly, without complaint, gratefully give the money to us.

◇ ◇ Do not utilitarian services mess looting, extortion and deception

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