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    Business philosophy, is the enterprise to obtain operating successfully, by the leader of the enterprise, based on the fine tradition of the history of the enterprise and to adapt to the objective reality of the need to actively advocated the formation of long-term production and management process to govern the vast majority of internal staff a stable dominant sense. It is the personification of the soul of the enterprise, and is an important part of corporate culture.

    The business philosophy first is the spirit of a group, or groups of entrepreneurial consciousness, unity consciousness it represents the vast majority of staff in the enterprise. The spirit of enterprise is also a good tradition of the historical development of the enterprise, and the good trend inheritance, the combination of the corporate staff in the pursuit of long-term production and business activities and direction. The manifestation of the spirit of enterprise or entrepreneurship, or entrepreneurship incarnation. Entrepreneurs in the process of formation of the spirit of enterprise, has any role in guiding others are irreplaceable. The spirit of enterprise is full of personality, and reflect enterprises are faced with the reality of the environment, once it is formed, a distinctive uniform values ​​for the enterprise, the play should be the function. These features include aggregation functions, that is, in the staff's minds a sense of belonging and charisma, making them consciously individual behavior and corporate behavior consistent. Personal goal and the goal of the enterprise are consistent enterprise workers, it also makes their trust each other in the process to achieve the corporate goals, closely unite, this coordination function is the spirit of enterprise. Not only that, the spirit of enterprise, there is a huge incentive function, it caused an organizational climate within the enterprise, so that employees are nurtured and infection, which inspired high morale, improve work efficiency. On the other hand, the spirit of enterprise and consciously guide and regulate the behavior and motivation of the staff, and his personal efforts to meet the needs of the organization, this is the spirit of enterprise, to guide and standardize functions.

    The business philosophy plays a huge role in the operation and management of the enterprise, to cultivate the spirit of enterprise is a long and arduous task. In general, the work of cultivating the spirit of enterprise can be divided into four areas: One is a leadership role in the demonstration; Second is the guiding and strengthening of the policy, and that is a clear set of incentives to guide and strengthen the cultivation of the spirit of enterprise; Third perfusion of public opinion, that rely on the power of public opinion to guide and strengthen the cultivation of the spirit of enterprise, and finally self-reflection of the masses, and strive to make the spirit of enterprise into the requirements of the general staff. In short, to use the power of leadership policy, public opinion and the masses, from the multi-pronged approach, the spirit of enterprise is rooted in the minds of the majority of staff.

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